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My Testimony of the Grace of God


Really not much to say about me, but what God has done in my life, well, that’s a different story. About two years ago we lost our house among other things. At that point I got all uber depressed and stuff. I hated life, myself, and barely believed in God. Soon I wanted to kill myself and spent most of my waking life wishing for the strength to do it, after all, Heaven was supposed to be a better place right? Then God stepped in. I had always wanted to go on a mission trip, and I found my chance! I went to Northern Ireland with Teen Missions Int’l ( a wonderful organization that totally changed my life. I made some amazing friends who were absolutely on fire for the LORD, and God healed my heart. When I got home I felt like a completely different person, I stopped some things in my life that kept me from God and kept on reading his Word and praying. That’s pretty much my story, and now I do everything I can to glorify God and live for him. He has saved me, changed my life, and done so much more I couldn’t write all about the times. Oh, and before I forget, he wants to do this for you too! Just ask him!