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Student’s legal rights!


I found this book on my parents bookshelf, and lo and behold, it had a list of public schooled students’ rights on campus! Sadly, theses are only public school ones so I’m not sure about anything other than that and home school. By the way, you have total freedom of speech in home school haha. My awesome friend Kaylyn has told me that a teacher in her class has falsely been telling them that it was illegal to talk about God on campus. At the sound of that both of us were filled with a feeling of righteous anger, and I was sure that it was a lie. However, I couldn’t remember exactly what her rights as a student are. So as I was saying, I found public schooled students rights, and here they are!

  1. You have the right to meet other religious students and even form groups and Bible Studies!
  2. You have the right to express your beliefs through signs, symbols, and clothing!
  3. You have the right to talk about your faith, or share your beliefs with other students on campus!
  4. You have the right to distribute literature (like  Bibles!) on campus during times you are not being instructed!
  5. You have the right to pray on campus by yourself, in groups, and even during graduation!
  6. You have the right to carry and/or study your bible or other religious literature on campus!
  7. You have the right to do research papers, speeches, creative projects or talent programs on themes of faith!
  8. You have the right to be exempt from activities that go against your religious beliefs!
  9. You have the right to celebrate or study religious holidays!
  10. You have the right to study themes of faith, religious literature, and religious history!

This awesome info was taken from the back of the book called The Truth for Youth! Look them up at 🙂